LineageOS Devices with removable Battery

Sustainable with Removable Battery

Discover sustainable LineageOS Phones and Tablets with removable Battery.

Here you can find all, and that means really all, Devices which have a removable Battery and Support LineageOS. Most of the times the battery is located behind the back cover of the smartphone. replacing the battery makes a big impact in sustainability. Furthermore replacing the battery is much cheeper than buying a new device.

Do I need any tools or skilled craftsmanship to replace the battery?

Many devices require no tools. The back cover may be removed by swiping. Or using your finger nail can easily unpop the backcover. For example smartphones of the vendor LG can often be opened without any tools. Some other devices do need some tools like screw drivers or plastic clip as a lever aid. But as mentioned when buying a battery replacement set, the tolls (if needed) are most of the time included.

Well, you don’t know LineageOS yet? LineageOS is a free and open-source operating system for various smartphones. It is based on the Android mobile platform. Therefore it’s a very popular alternative Distribution of Android! Especially smartphones and tablets do run much faster with it! Find out more about it.