LineageOS Devices with removable Battery

Sustainable with Removable Battery

Discover sustainable LineageOS phones and tablets with removable battery. Here you can find all, and that really means all, devices that have a removable battery and support LineageOS. Most of the time, the battery is located behind the smartphone’s back. Replacing the battery has a big impact on sustainability. Besides, the replacement is much cheaper than buying a new device.

Do I need tools or manual dexterity to replace the battery?

No tools are required for many devices. The back cover can be removed by swiping. Or the back cover can be easily opened with a fingernail. Smartphones from the manufacturer LG, for example, can often be opened without tools. Some other devices require tools like screwdrivers or plastic clips to help with leverage. But as said, when you buy a battery replacement kit, the tool (if needed) is usually already included.

Well, you don’t know LineageOS yet? LineageOS is a free and open source operating system for various smartphones. It is based on the Android mobile platform. Therefore, it is a very popular alternative distribution of Android! Especially smartphones and tablets run much faster with it! Learn more about it.

Cannot find what you’re searching for?

Are you having trouble finding a LineageOS device that meets your needs? Indeed, it is sometimes difficult to browse hundreds of well-tuned smartphones and tablets. Anyway, you can try the configurator:

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  1. Hey guys, great site but: Why is there only a static page for the “Removable Battery” selection? The information seems to be present, why isn’t there the opportunity to select it in the “Configurator”?

    1. Hi Alex,
      thank you for your message. That is a good question. We had a look to the configurator and added the “Battery Type” to the bottom. Please check out if that helps.
      Select Lineage OS Device with removeable Battery

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