LineageOS Devices with removable Battery

Sustainable with Removable Battery

Discover sustainable LineageOS phones and tablets with removable battery. Here you can find all, and that really means all, devices that have a removable battery and support LineageOS. Most of the time, the battery is located behind the smartphone’s back. Replacing the battery has a big impact on sustainability. Besides, the replacement is much cheaper than buying a new device.

Do I need tools or manual dexterity to replace the battery?

No tools are required for many devices. The back cover can be removed by swiping. Or the back cover can be easily opened with a fingernail. Smartphones from the manufacturer LG, for example, can often be opened without tools. Some other devices require tools like screwdrivers or plastic clips to help with leverage. But as said, when you buy a battery replacement kit, the tool (if needed) is usually already included.

Well, you don’t know LineageOS yet? LineageOS is a free and open source operating system for various smartphones. It is based on the Android mobile platform. Therefore, it is a very popular alternative distribution of Android! Especially smartphones and tablets run much faster with it! Learn more about it.

Cannot find what you’re searching for?

Are you having trouble finding a LineageOS device that meets your needs? Indeed, it is sometimes difficult to browse hundreds of well-tuned smartphones and tablets. Anyway, you can try the configurator:

11 thoughts on “LineageOS Devices with removable Battery

  1. Hey guys, great site but: Why is there only a static page for the “Removable Battery” selection? The information seems to be present, why isn’t there the opportunity to select it in the “Configurator”?

    1. Hi Alex,
      thank you for your message. That is a good question. We had a look to the configurator and added the “Battery Type” to the bottom. Please check out if that helps.
      Select Lineage OS Device with removeable Battery

  2. Yes, this site is a great help. However, in post-2021 so-called “USA”, nothing without VoLTE support can make calls, the “essential” function of a phone-computer (“smartphone”). Most of the devices listed in the Removable Battery page are, essentially, obsolete now.

    1. Hi Thomas,

      thank you for your message. Actually it seems that there are no phones from 2021 or 2022 with removable battery. I recommend you to have a look at all supported phones from 2021/2022. Hopefully you’ll find a phone-computer which suits your desires.

      1. Hi Luke…

        it seems my message wasn’t understood, possibly because of an assumption. I posted it for others’ benefit, not mine–I have my device selection list already.

        In Detail:
        As of January of this year (2022), carriers in the “USA” started terminating pre-4G support. (I don’t know where you are located–maybe you don’t know this.) No device without VoLTE capability can make calls here anymore. (There is *some* very poor 2G fallback coverage.)

        The firmware components for VoLTE for LG and Samsung devices are not available (officially, anyway). So LineageOS does not have support for VoLTE on them. So… none of the LG or Samsung phones on this list (which is most of them) work as telephones anymore in the “USA” with LineageOS (unless they’re doing WiFi calls).

        I’m certainly not being “USA”-centric but the list is mostly unhelpful for people here. Many interested in LOS know this but some still don’t. But you’d have to add a field to your database and to this page to show non-VoLTE support.

        1. Hi Thomas,

          thank you so much for the details. I was not aware of the carrier problems in “USA” as I am not located there. I checked the database and can find the carriers such as “2G GSM, 2G CDMA, 3G UMTS, 3G CDMA2000, 4G LTE” but no VoLTE. I can’t believe that there are not VoLTE compatible devices. I have put that on our list. We’ll hopefully find a solution for this.

          Best Regards,

      2. There are two Samsung phones made in 2020 and 2022 that have removable batteries but no one is porting Lineage OS to them. And mostly USA-centric models.
        Galaxy Xcover Pro and Xcover6 Pro.

        1. Yes, there is no port of LineageOS for these devices. You have to choose one of the devices listed here as the others don’t support LineageOS.

  3. LG G6 and LG V30 don’t have a “removable” battery afaik – you can find many diy-videos to heat the glue to open the device, only then you can change the battery.

  4. Hi. What is about my last post? I tried to add the information that LG G6 and LG V30 never where introducedwith removable battery, LG decided to make them waterproof instead. Look at youtube: there you can find do-it-yourself-guides to heat the phones to get the glue soft and be able to open the backsides. That’s no longer a removable battery in my understandings. Best regards, axel s.

    1. Hi Axel,
      thank you so much for your message. I already responded to your question, but due to some troubles on our server side my reply was deleted. So what I have written is, that your are totally right. This seems to be a mistake in the device database. We’ll fix that soon. Thank you! :-)

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