Best LineageOS Phones 2022

Best LineageOS Phones 2022

Discover the best phones in 2022 that support LineageOS. This is a listing of the best LineageOS smartphones and tablets of 2022. We have discussed for a long time which devices we recommend as the “best 2022”. Of course, all of these devices should be from 2022. However, no one has ported LineageOS to a new device from 2022 yet. Therefore, this list also includes devices from the previous year 2021. All listed devices receive regular updates of LineageOS. In fact, it is not an easy decision which devices we should nominate, as there are hundreds of devices. Nevertheless, we have determined that a smartphone or tablet should meet these requirements to be a “best-2022” candidate:

LineageOS Version

The currently running LineageOS version must be the latest. That means it must run at least 20. Many devices also support older versions like 19.1 and 18.1. But to stay secure it is recommended to use LineageOS Version 20.


Each LineageOS device is maintained by officially designated maintainers. If there is no maintainer for a device in 2022, it may not receive any special updates. This means that the more maintainers, the better the smartphone or tablet will be supported. Therefore, we decided to limit the list to devices that have at least two maintainers.

Well, you don’t know LineageOS yet? LineageOS is a free and open source operating system for various smartphones. It is based on the Android mobile platform. Therefore, it is a very popular alternative distribution of Android! Especially smartphones and tablets run much faster with it! Learn more about it.


Cannot find what you’re searching for?

Are you having trouble finding a LineageOS device that meets your needs? Indeed, it is sometimes difficult to browse hundreds of well-tuned smartphones and tablets. Anyway, you can try the configurator:

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  1. Can you install lineageos to the OnePlus 9 and send it to me?

    1. Hi Daniel
      currently we don’t provide such a service. But if you have a computer you can donut simply by yourself. Simply check the installation instructions here:

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