What is the LineageOS-Device-Finder about?

There are hundreds of compatible devices. Therefore, it is often very difficult to find the right device that is supported and meets the personal requirements. Finally, LineageOS Device Finder comes into play and helps to find about what you need.

Especially smartphones and tablets run much faster with it! Made for people who don’t want to compromise on security and longevity. For more information and the latest news, visit the official website.

About us

The team behind this website are people just like you and me. We love LineageOS so much that we created this fantastic website. Hoping to help people all over the world to use LineageOS on their favourite device, this web service will be continuously improved.

Since LineageOS is free, we also offer this service for free. Affiliate programs, advertising or donations cover our costs for running this website. Feel free to checkout one of our partners:

Support us

If you like our website and want to support us directly, send us a coffee, a donut or a money batch!

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About LineageOS Device Finder Donate Donut

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