LineageOS Devices

LineageOS Devices

LineageOS devices can run without Google, if you want to! Many smartphones and tablets support LineageOS. They are much faster. On this page you can find the top rated LineageOS phones 2022, tablets and all smartphones with removable battery.

There are over 300 devices like smartphones or tablets that support LineageOS. In fact, it is sometimes hard to search through hundreds of well-tuned smartphones and tablets. If you are having trouble finding a supported device that meets your needs, you have come to the right place.

Best LineageOS Phones

This is a list of the best LineageOS smartphones. We have discussed for a long time which devices we recommend as “best 2022”. In fact, it is not an easy decision which devices we should nominate, as there are hundreds of devices. Nevertheless, we have determined requirements to be a “best 2022” phone candidate. Of course, all of these devices should be from 2022. However, nobody has ported LineageOS to a new device in 2022 yet. Therefore, this list also includes devices from the previous year 2021. All listed devices receive regular updates of LineageOS:

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LineageOS Tablets

LineageOS is a free and open-source operating system for various tablets. It is based on the Android mobile platform. Therefore, it is a very popular alternative distribution of Android! Especially smartphones and tablets run much faster with it!

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LineageOS Devices with Removable Battery

Here you will find all, and that really means all, devices that have a removable battery and support LineageOS. Most of the time, the battery is located behind the smartphone’s back. Replacing the battery has a big impact on sustainability. Besides, replacing the battery is much cheaper than buying a new device.

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New to LineageOS?

LineageOS is a popular alternative distribution of Android. It is a particularly free and open-source operating system for various devices, based on the Android mobile platform.
It is mainly secure, durable and made for individuals. You can find the official LineageOS homepage here.

Want to see more Devices?

Are you having trouble finding a device that meets your requirements? Finally try the configurator! Otherwise, turn back and look at the recommended devices.

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